For more than 30 years, MagnaFlow has been a part of the automotive and motorsports community, focused on innovation, research and creating the best aftermarket exhaust products on the market. #WithAuthority

But this isn’t about us. This is about you, the automotive and motorsports community; the community that we serve, that we develop for, that we are committed to. This community is changing, shifting and growing every day. And people in it are as passionate, obsessive and as dedicated to the it as we are to our craft.

This is why we built the wall.

With the Wall, we will harness the power of the automotive and motorsports community by giving you a place to share your stories, your passions, your triumphs, and your hardships. Celebrate the grease monkeys, car geeks, horsepower addicts, dirt demons and the truly automotive obsessed. Create a home for the legends, the godfathers, and the trailblazers in this industry. And also a home for those who are just staking their claim, determining their paths and need a place to build, discover and develop their own legacies. Build the place where automotive passion, experience and devotion come to be shared.

The Wall of Authority is all of these things, and more.
The Wall of Authority is yours.

And when you’re ready to be a part of it, share what you do #WithAuthority.
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