The Brick Beast

A sensible company truck

Blipshift was looking for something sensible. You know, mid-engine for balance, a manual trans would be ideal, something reliable that seats many people for those times of toting CEO’s and other bigwigs around NYC.

Uhh, yeah.’s 1975 Volvo C303 Swedish military troop transport vehicle is the company car most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. Because that is precisely what an obscure enthusiast t-shirt and apparel company needs. The Volvo C303, (currently affectionately called The Brick Beast) comes stock with a staggering ride height due to its portal axles. Aiding the portal’s ground clearing greatness are a set of 35” BFG KM2 tires. Though not particularly quick – there’s an 80km/h Vmax sticker written in Swedish on the dash – at least it now sounds good rollin’ along thanks to the MagnaFlow muffler and custom piping. The nearly 40 year old B30 engine never sounded so mean!

Future plans for the vehicle include an exo cage with possible roof-mounted turret t-shirt cannon, accessible via the roof hatch, as well as outfitting it as a Dakar-ish rolling vehicle medic. Random updates, build progress reports, and recent outings such as the one to Monticello Motor Club’s wicked Land Rover designed off road course are posted throughout blipshift’s social media accounts and blog.


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