According to Dennis Anderson, the coolest car he’s ever driven was a Model A Ford that he piloted during the TV Show; Around the World in 80 Ways. From our point of view though, it will always be the Grave Digger.


More that 30 years ago, a young Dennis saw the Bigfoot Monster Truck, and decided he was going to set out to build something epic enough to kick it’s shiny metal butt. That’s when his mud bogging Grave Digger underwent a massive transformation into a full blown Monster Truck. Maybe not only to bury the Bigfoot… but after doing so a few times, you might start thinking it had a single focus.

These days, Dennis is known as the Master of Destruction. He gets that name because he and the Grave Digger have dominated the Monster Jam Arena for over 30 years. Leaving a trail of crushed and mangled debris behind them, and picking up championship trophies along the way. And the only threat he’s feeling is from his own family.


“It’s amazing, a dream come true.” Says Dennis when asked about seeing his boys out in the dirt, “It’s what it’s all about. My kids carrying on my legacy. I am just glad I have a chance to compete against them for a few years before I retire. I win some and I lose some against them. I will be in the driver’s seat until my youngest one (Weston) jumps in a truck. Once I race him, then I am ready to retire.”

Until then, Dennis is going to continue crushing cars, tearing up the USHRA, and living by his mantra: Make history, or be history.